Tae-Ho Lee

Principal Investigator

taehol [at] vt [dot] edu

Tae-Ho Lee is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech. He received his Ph.D. in Brain Cognitive Science in the Department of Psychology from University of Southern California and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Korea University. His research primarily focuses on the study of neural development and degeneration across the lifespan, while considering social and cognitive environments. He has published a series of pioneering papers on the neural concordance between parents and their children, utilizing fMRI. Additionally, he has investigated the degeneration of neural circuits associated with aging, contributing valuable insights to the field.


Ya-Yun Chen

Graduate Student (2019-current)

yayunchen [at] vt [dot] edu

Ya-Yun Chen is a Ph.D. student in Developmental Science in the Department of Psychology. She received her M.S. in Brain Science from National Yang Ming University and B.S. in Psychology from National Chung Cheng University. Generally, She is interested in understanding the neural circuitry underlying negative behaviors/experiences and exploring how the negative behaviors/experiences been modulated and then controlled. In her leisure time, she like doing social good by data, promoting the field of neuroscience, and immersing in creating artworks. By the way, Ya-Yun is from Taiwan, a little beautiful country with tons of tasty street foods and drinks. She will be pleased to share all of them with you!


Joshua Neal

Graudate Student (2021-current; former Lab Manager)

jneal96 [at] vt [dot] edu

Joshua Neal is a Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology. He received his B.S. in Psychology from West Virginia University in 2018. He has worked in the lab since 2018, initially as lab manager, and continuing on as a student. His research interests include examining the neural origins of attention deficits, as well as broader analysis of developmental disorders using fMRI and psychophysiological methods. In his free time Josh enjoys sports, videogames, visiting friends, and exploring outdoors.


Sammy Hong

Graudate Student (2024-current; former Project Coordinator)

Undergrad Research Assistant (2020-2022)

hsammy [at] vt [dot] edu

Sammy Hong received her B.S. in psychology as well as statistics (minor) at Virginia Tech in 2022. She hopes to continue her academics in a graduate program focused on developmental and social psychology, and eventually be involved in academia and research as her career. During her free time, she loves to read, bake, and work on puzzles!


Kylie Kim

Undergrad Research Assistant (2022 Fall-current)

Kylie is an undecided major at Virginia Tech. She aspires to be a nurse after she graduates from graduate school. During her free time, Kylie enjoys sleeping, cooking, and hanging out with her friends.


Brandon Choi

Undergrad Research Assistant (2023 Fall-current)

Brandon is an undergraduate Psychology major. He plans on pursuing graduate or medical school (still deciding), and work in the clinical psychology/neuroscience field. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, playing video games, and listening to music.


Viv Bali

Undergrad Research Assistant (2023 Fall-current)

Viv is an undergraduate psychology major, and is hoping to also peruse an undergraduate cognitive and behavioral neuroscience degree. He hopes to continue his education past an undergraduate degree but is still not sure what path he plans to take. Viv loves staying active by going to the gym and participating in sports, but he also enjoys going out with his friends.


Sean Dongha Lee

Lifetime participant

Sean is the most eager participant in the lab, always ready for any study (with his mom's permission). He's a high schooler. Now he's all about that YOLO life, although his favorite book series has been replaced by smartphones and games (sigh)!


Inuk Song

Alumni Graduate Student (2020-2023)
Terminal Master’s degree

Marx Wang

Alumni Grad Research Assistant (2021-2023)
Current: PhD student at ISE, Univ. of Washington

Alexandra Dagli

Undergrad Research Assistant (2022-2023)
Current: Postbac Research Assistant of Bayliss Lab at UVA

Nikita Pamidala

Alumni Undergrad Research Assistant (2022-2023)

Joanne Lee

Alumni Undergrad Research Assistant (2021-2022)

Current: NeuroGazer USA

Simran Puri

Alumni Undergrad Research Assistant (2021 Fall)

Yena Cho

Alumni Undergrad Research Assistant (2021 Fall)

Alise Bondurant

Alumni Undergrad Research Assistant (2019-2020)

Sara Honaker

Alumni Undergrad Research Assistant (2018-2020)

Arthur Louie

Undergrad Research Assistant (2023 Spring)

Kristina Krajewski

Alumni Undergrad Research Assistant (2023 Spring)

Garret Jetmar

Undergrad Research Assistant (2023 Summer)

Allauna Harrison

Alumni Undergrad Research Assistant (2022-2024)